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With a population of almost 130,000, the town of Płock, located in the centre of Poland in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, is one of the most picturesque towns in the country. It boasts a rich history and many centuries of tradition.

Płock is also a dynamic economic region. It owes its strong position to the Polish Oil Concern - ORLEN S.A, one of the biggest petrochemical concerns in central Europe. Among companies present in Płock is also Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o., a global polypropylene producer and a leading polyethylene provider. The company has been recently engaged in the completion of two world's most advanced plants producing polyethylene and polypropylene of highest quality.

Alongside the oil sector, other entities connected with anti-corrosion, installation, insulation and steel construction services are operating very actively. In addition, the economic landscape of the town is supplemented by enterprises operating in the machining, construction, food and clothing branches of industry.

A favourable location, modern infrastructure and a local government that is open to new investment are undeniable assets of the town.

In order to spur the growth of local economy the Płock City Office in cooperation with the Polish Oil Concern ORLEN S.A. established the Industry and Technology Park in Plock (Płocki Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny, or PPPT). The goal of the initiative is establishing in Płock a major European centre where economic processes based on industry consistent with Park's profile, modern technology, innovative scientific-research projects and education are promoted and supported, and whose residents are provided with advantageous conditions to develop and conduct business.

The city's professional approach to attracting and servicing external investors has been confirmed by a top-rated five-star certificate awarded in the prestigious "Investor Friendly Commune" programme.

The city was also awarded a certificate in the "Fair Play Commune 2005 - Certified Investment Location" contest. The contest is held to identify and promote investor-friendly communes, support effective investment promotion measures initiated by the local authorities and attract investor interest to communes participating in the event.

The first International Training Centre for Local Authorities (CIFAL) in Central and Eastern Europe and the 11th such centre in the world opened in Płock. The centre was launched by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in joint effort with Płock City Office and PKN Orlen.

For more information about the town, including that on investment offers, please visit the website.

Płock - municipal borough

Local authority: Urząd Miasta Płocka
Address: Stary Rynek 1, 09-400 Płock
tel. (+48 24) 3671555 - information


Managing staff
Mayor: Mirosław Milewski
tel. (+48 24) 3671400, 3671401
fax (+48 24) 3671402

Deputy Mayor for Economy Development: Tomasz Kolczyński
tel. (+48 24) 3671412, 3671413
fax (+48 24) 3671402

Deputy Mayor for Communal Management: Dariusz Zawidzki
tel. (+48 24) 3671406, 3671407
fax (+48 24) 3671402

Deputy Mayor for Social Issues: Piotr Kubera
tel. (+48 24) 3671406, 3671407
fax (+48 24) 3671402

Secretary: Krystyna Kowalewska
tel. (+48 24) 3671412, 3671413
fax (+48 24) 3671402

Treasurer: Barbara Szurgocińska
tel. (+48 24) 3671418
fax (+48 24) 3671420

City Council Chairman
tel. (+48 24) 3671563, 3671564
fax (+48 24) 3671602

City Council Office
Office Manager: Beata Cała
tel. (+48 24) 3671563, 3671564
fax (+48 24) 3671602

Major departments
Town Planning, Architecture, Land Surveying and Cadastre Department
Director: Iwona Wierzbicka
tel. (+48 24) 3671451
fax (+48 24) 3671715

Municipal Investment Department
Director: Ryszard Siedlecki
tel. (+48 24) 3671459
fax (+48 24) 3671450

Promotion and Foreign Co-operation Department
Manager: Witold Rogowiecki
tel. (+48 24) 3671481
fax.(+48 24) 3671483

Organizational and Administrative Affairs Department
Director: Krzysztof Ławniczak
tel. (+48 24) 3671425

Treasure and Budget Department
Director: Izabela Olenderek
tel. (+48 24) 3671548
fax (+48 24) 3671420

Housing Management Department
Director: Stanisław Stańczak
tel. (+48 24) 3671505
fax (+48 24) 3671496

Health and Social Affairs Department
Director: Katarzyna Michalska
tel. (+48 24) 3671701
fax (+48 24) 3671708

Municipal Services and Environment Protection Department
Director: Jerzy Nowakowski
tel. (+48 24) 3671495
fax (+48 24) 3677496

Education, Culture and Sports Department
Director: Ewa Adasiewicz
tel. (+48 24) 3671702

Public Tender Department
Director: Tomasz Chojnacki
tel. (+48 24) 3671577
e-mail: zamó

Proxy of Płock Mayor for Active Unemployment Combat
Jarosław Troch
tel. (+48 24) 3671586
fax (+48 24) 2688975

Official responsible for tenders:
Tomasz Chojnacki, Coordinator of the Team for Public Commissions
tel. (+48 24) 3671577

Promotion Manager
Witold Rogowiecki, Head of the Promotion Department
tel. (+48 24) 3671481
fax (+48 24) 3671483

Investor's first-Contact:
Jarosław Troch, Proxy of Płock Major for Active Unemployment Combat
tel. (+48 24) 2680698, 3671586
fax (+48 24) 2688975

Investor Service Centre
tel. (+48 24) 2680698
fax (+48 24) 2688975


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