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Grudziądz lies at the heart of Pomorze Nadwiślańskie region, on the right bank of the Vistula, half way between the sea ports of Gdańsk and Gdynia and large urban areas in Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship, such as Bydgoszcz and Toruń. The city is situated along the shortest tourist route which connects Poland's western border crossing points with the Great Lakes District – Warmia and Mazury, a factor which significantly contributes to the growth of the local business and tourist arena.

The A1 motorway connecting the Scandinavian Peninsula with southern Europe as well as the Poznań-Bydgoszcz-Grudziądz-Olsztyn expressway with access to the Baltic States and the Kaliningrad Region will be built in the direct vicinity of Grudziądz's administrative boundaries. The city is also taking part in the project related to the construction of a ring road which will modify the local transportation system by limiting vehicle traffic in downtown areas. The project was approved by the European Union which has provided the local authorities with a grant of PLN 65 million for the undertaking.

Lakes occupy 1.3% of the Grudziądz Basin area and diversify the local surface water system. The largest lake is Wielkie Rudnickie with an area of 188 hectares in the southern, wooded part of Grudziądz. The lake and Grudziądz's historical monuments are the main tourist attractions in the region which bring thousands of visitors each year to the city's numerous tourist and recreational sites.

At the end of 2005, Grudziądz embarked on a new phase of development – hot brine springs in the village of Marusza, considered to be a top-quality water source whose properties outweigh Poland's best-known spas, will be managed as part of an extensive project. In the nearest future, the undertaking will radically change the city's image and will place Grudziądz on the spa map of Poland and Europe.

Grudziądz - urban commune

Local authority: Urząd Miejski w Grudziądzu
Address: ul. Ratuszowa 1, 86-300 Grudziądz
tel. (+48 56) 4510200, 4510351
fax (+48 56) 4510350


Managing staff
Mayor: Andrzej Wiśniewski
tel. (+48 56) 4510201
fax (+48 56) 4625812

Deputy Mayor: Małgorzata Malinowska
tel. (+48 56) 4510203
fax (+48 56) 4625812

Deputy Mayor: Sławomir Szymański
tel. (+48 56) 4510205
fax (+48 56) 4625812

Treasurer: Stanisława Rokicka
tel. (+48 56) 4510231
fax (+48 56) 4510308

City Council Chairman: Arkadiusz Goszka
tel. (+48 56) 4510212
fax (+48 56) 4510420

Major departments
Development and Promotion Department
Manager: Joanna John-Błażyńska
tel. (+48 56) 4510351
fax (+48 56) 4510350

City Planning and Property Management Department
Manager Hanna Stępień
tel. (+48 56) 4510270
fax (+48 56) 4625812

Land Surveying and Architecture Department
Manager: Wojciech Witkowski
tel. (+48 56) 4510291
fax (+48 56) 4510281

Public Orders Department
Manager: Romualda Rudnik
tel. (+48 56) 4510303
fax (+48 56) 4510233

Organizational Department
Manager: Jolanta Herba
tel. (+48 56) 4510227
fax (+48 56) 4625812

Authorization and Register Department, Business Activity Section
Manager: Renata Rybczyńska
tel. (+48 56) 4510381
fax (+48 56) 4510373

Promotion Manager
Joanna John-Błażyńska
tel. (+48 56) 4510351
fax (+48 56) 4510350

Investor's first-contact
Manager. Joanna John-Błażyńska
tel. (+48 56) 4510351
fax (+48 56) 4510350

County Builind Supervision Inspector
Zbigniew Ptaszyński
tel. (+48 56) 4510318
fax (+48 56) 4510318


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