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The city of Tarnów is the second largest conurbation after Cracow in the Małopolskie Voivodeship. Its location on the crossing of important European trade routes is an undeniable advantage. The E4 international route (Zgorzelec-Wrocław-Katowice-Cracow-Tarnów-Rzeszów-Medyka) crosses a national road that leads from Warsaw to Kielce, Tarnów and to Konieczna (Polish-Slovakian border crossing). A railway line Cracow-Medyka has risen to a rank of a transeuropean railway trunk line. It joins a railway line going southwards to Nowy Sącz, Muszyna and further to the Slovak Republic and Hungary.

Excellent location of Tarnów inclines investors to place logistic centres there; such centres have been already realised by Goodyear, Ahold, Roleski and Wincanton. The closest airports handling international flights are located in Balice near Cracow (90 km). In the near future the city will be intersected by A4 motorway with a junction situated in the vicinity of the north-western border of the city.

The attractiveness of Tarnów is enhanced by the proximity of border crossings: 180 km to the border of Ukraine, 110 km to the border of Slovakia, and 500 km to Germany. This allows companies to reach, such European capitals as: Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Kiev and Prague within one day.

Tarnów is a widely known economic center, especially in the chemical and artistic and usable glass-making industries. Tarnów also benefits from its cultural life and places of historical interest. The remarkable beauty of the Old City, where the medieval layout of narrow streets has survived until presentday, there are gothic and renaissance buildings and, last but not least, the ancient spirit of Galizia which distinguishes old castles in the south from those built in the remainder of the country makes Tarnów even more attractive.

Tarnów - municipal borough

Local authority: Urząd Miasta Tarnowa
Address: ul. Mickiewicza 2, 33-100 Tarnów
tel. (+48 14) 6882400
fax (+48 14) 6215308


Managing staff
Mayor: Mieczysław Bień
tel. (+48 14) 6882433
fax (+48 14) 6215308

Deputy Mayor: Andrzej Sasak
tel. (+48 14) 6882475
fax (+48 14) 6274688

Deputy Mayor: Andrzej Jeleń
tel. (+48 14) 6882476
fax (+48 14) 6274688

Deputy Mayor: Wojciech Magdoń
tel. (+48 14) 6882474
fax (+48 14) 6215308

City Secretary: Aleksandra Brzeska
tel. (+48 14) 6882480
fax (+48 14) 6274688

Treasurer: Marek Witek
tel. (+48 14) 6882449
fax (+48 14) 6215308

City Council Chairman: Andrzej Kasznia
tel. (+48 14) 6882842
fax (+48 14) 6882843

Major departments
Civic Communications Office – Business Support Department
Section Head: Rafał Podsiadło
tel. (+48 14) 6882821
fax (+48 14) 6882820

Property Management Department
Director: Jerzy Hejman
tel. (+48 14) 6882763, 6882762
fax (+48 14) 6882771

Municipal Services and Environment Protection Department
Director: Jerzy Woliński
tel. (+48 14) 6882871
fax (+48 14) 6882876

Investment Department
Director: Grażyna Wójcik
tel. (+48 14) 6882707, 6882708, 6882727

Civic Communication Office
Director: Marcin Golec
tel. (+48 14) 6882469
fax (+48 14) 6882468

Civic Service Department
Kierownik / Manager:
Ewa Kapturkiewicz
tel. (+48 14) 6882564
fax (+48 14) 6882820

Promotion Manager
Cezary Przęczek, Civic Communications Office
tel. (+48 14) 6889094
fax (+48 14) 6889097

Investor's first-contact
Rafał Podsiadło, Business Support Section
tel. (+48 14) 6882821
fax (+48 14) 6882820


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