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Częstochowa, a city attractively situated along Poland's main transportation routes, is world-renowned for its Jasna Góra Monastery and Sanctuary which are visited by millions of pilgrims every year.

From the investors' point of view, Częstochowa has a variety of other advantages to offer. It has an attractive and absorptive market of 250,000 consumers. The local labour force is well educated and qualified which supports industrial development based on advanced technology.

The city has on offer investment land plots with convenient transportation access and media supply. Low level of environmental pollution, ample green areas, quality water supplied by the municipal system make Częstochowa a healthy place to live. It is a friendly city with a vast offer of cultural events, good schools, numerous sports and recreational facilities.

In 1998, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe awarded Częstochowa the Europe Prize - Prix de l`Europe for the local authorities' efforts to promote European integration and international co-operation.

In 2004 and 2005, Częstochowa received the "Fair Play Commune - Certified Investment Location" title and certificate.

In 2004, Fitch Ratings, the international ratings agency, evaluated the city's financial reliability, strategic planning, prospects for economic and business growth and assigned a long-term international rating to Częstochowa at BBB level - in respect of foreign currency debt and domestic currency debt with stable, long-term rating prospects. The evaluation was repeated in 2005: the long-term rating was maintained at BBB - level and the evaluation of the city's growth prospects improved from stable to positive.

In 2004, Częstochowa City Office acquired the ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System Certificate. The implementation of ISO 9001-2001 procedures in the area of public services provision and management as well as the e-Office project will improve the quality of services provided to the local residents and investors.

Częstochowa - municipal borough

Local authority: Urząd Miasta Częstochowy
Address: ul. Śląska 11/13, 42-217 Częstochowa
tel. (+48 34) 3707100
fax (+48 34) 3707170


Managing staff
Mayor: Tadeusz Wrona
tel. (+48 34) 3707322
fax (+48 34) 3682727

Deputy Mayor: Bogumił Sobuś
tel. (+48 34) 3707301

Deputy Mayor: Zdzisław Ludwin
tel. (+48 34) 3707301

Deputy Mayor: Jacek Betnarski
tel. (+48 34) 3682547, 3707336

Treasurer: Wanda Kukla
tel. (+48 34) 3707423
fax (+48 34) 3707176

City Council Chairman: Ryszard Szczuka
tel. (+48 34) 3707313
fax (+48 34) 3707174

Major departments
Investment Projects and Public Orders Department
Director: Jolanta Zaborowska
tel. (+48 34) 3707622
fax (+48 34) 3707175

Department of City Development Strategy and European Integration
Director: Sławomir Bednarek
tel. (+48 34) 3707637
fax (+48 34) 3707178

Architectural-Constructional Administration Department
Director: Jadwiga Wawszczyk.
tel. (+48 34) 3707530

Spatial Planning Department
Director: Elżbieta Grzelak
tel. (+48 34) 3707502
fax (+48 34) 3707179

Land Surveying and Real Estate Department
Director: Paweł Kubik
tel. (+48 34) 3707600
fax (+48 34) 3613711

Official responsible for tenders
Investment Projects and Public Orders Department Deputy Director
tel. (+48 34) 3707653
fax (+48 34) 3707175

Investor's first-contact
Maciej Piwowarczyk, Economic Promotion Section Manager in the Department of City Development Strategy and European Integration
tel. (+48 34) 3707635
fax (+48 34) 3707178

Regional Development Agency in Częstochowa
Barbara Muchalska, President
ul. Nowowiejskiego 26
42-217 Częstochowa
tel. (+48 34) 3605688
tel. (+48 34) 3605747
fax (+48 34) 3605688


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