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Wolności Square in Zabrze



Zabrze is a city located in the west of the Silesian Region with approx. 188,000 inhabitants. It is one of the five largest cities in the Silesian Region.

Currently, following the decline in mining activities, the town's economy is dominated by a strong chemicals industry, by the manufacture of electrical machinery, construction, and by the rapidly developing service industry sector. Many important scientific and medical institutes, such as the Institute of Basic Environmental Engineering, the Institute for the Chemical Processing of Coal, the Polymers Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment, the Prof. Zbigniew Religa Institute of Heart Implants, the Silesian Heart Disease Centre, and the Silesian Centre of Pediatric Medicine. University level educational institutes include the Physician and Dental Faculties of the Silesian Medical Academy and the Management Faculty of the Polytechnic of Silesia.

Zabrze has excellent facilities for secondary education, including general secondary schools, art schools, and vocational schools. It offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, thanks to the presence of the New Theatre, the National Philharmonic, the Municipal Museum, the Sports Centre, the Music and Dance Centre, and the Museum of Coal Mining, which includes two unique open-air museum sites, "Królowa Luiza" and "Guido".

The town has land available for service industries and construction of residential buildings, as well as buildings for sale or rent. All land and buildings offered for sale or rent are easily accessible from the rest of the region. The existing road network and the motorway A4 running through Zabrze will soon be enhanced by the Interurban Road and motorway A1 linking north and south of Poland.

Zabrze - municipal borough

Local authority: Urząd Miejski w Zabrzu
Address: ul. Powstańców Śląskich 5-7, 41-800 Zabrze
tel. (+48 32) 3733300
fax (+48 32) 3733399


Managing staff
Mayor: Jerzy Gołubowicz
tel. (+48 32) 3733416
fax (+48 32) 2710818

Deputy Mayor: Jerzy Wereta
tel. (+48 32) 3733356
fax (+48 32) 2710818

Deputy Mayor: Mieczysław Cupiał
tel. (+48 32) 3733416
fax (+48 32) 2710818

Deputy Mayor: Andrzej Góra
tel. (+48 32) 3733356
fax (+48 32) 2710818

Secretary: Mariusz Kwaśniewski
tel. (+48 32) 3733403
fax (+48 32) 2710818

Treasurer: Piotr Barczyk
tel. (+48 32) 3733428

City Council Chairman: Borys Budka
tel. (+48 32) 3733456

Major departments
Public Tender Office
Director: Justyna Olszewska
tel. (+48 32) 3733552

Land Surveying Department
Director: Grzegorz Dragańczyk
tel. (+48 32) 3733459

Property Management Department
Director: Sławomir Łabędź
tel. (+48 32) 3733507

Architecture Department
Director: Larysa Tkacz-Pałac
tel. (+48 32) 3733469

Architecture and Construction Administration Department
Manager: Zbigniew Kozik
tel. (+48 32) 3733324

Strategy, City Development and European Integration Department
Director: Gabriela Karmasz
tel. (+48 32) 3733485

Official responsible for tenders
Justyna Olszewska, Public Tender Department Manager
tel. (+48 32) 3733458

Investor's first-Contact:
Marcin Bania, Strategy, City Development and European Integration Department
tel. (+48 32) 3733522
Rafał Maćkowski, Land Surveying Department
tel. (+48 32) 3733405


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