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Bydgoszcz, a modern city with a 660 years' tradition, it lies on two rivers, Brda and Vistula, and is the economic and cultural centre of the Kuyavia region.

Its interesting history is marked by numerous monuments, which can be found throughout the city. The most prominent of them include: the Main Parish Church, which is particularly close to the people of Bydgoszcz and features the miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary of Beautiful Love, the Royal Mint, the granaries, which have been considered the symbol of Bydgoszcz for years, historic lock chambers and waterways.

A fast-growing economic hub, Bydgoszcz appeals both to local businesses and foreign investors. The number of its firms and enterprises has been on a steady increase. A vast majority of them are private entities. The city's economic development is driven by its favourable location next to the crossing of important national roads, wide railway network that connects Bydgoszcz with Europe's most important centres, water transport possibilities thanks to the river port which dates back to medieval times and, most importantly, modern international airport.

Bydgoszcz is a city of young people, whom it attracts with high quality and multi-profile higher education that offers excellent academic facilities and resources. The city is home to four public higher education institutions, of which Kazimierz Wielki University and University of Technology and Agriculture are the biggest.

A key role in the city's active cultural life is played by: the Opera Nova House, the Pomeranian Philharmonic Hall, the Polish Theatre, the BWA Municipal Art Gallery, as well as museums and numerous clubs, cinemas and galleries.

Bydgoszcz is also the City of Sport and the capital of Polish athletics. The Zawisza Stadium is the only athletic arena in Poland that meets the standards of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Thus it can stage competitions which attract the best Polish and foreign athletes.

Both sportsmen and the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz may use the city's extensive sports infrastructure, which comprises: 7 stadiums, 6 canoe and sailing marinas, 4 rowing marinas, 4 sports & entertainment halls, a speedway track, karting track, archery field and regatta course.

Covering a few hundred hectares of land, the Forest Culture and Leisure Park in Myślęcinek is a favourite spot for the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz. In addition to numerous walking and cycling paths, it comprises the Polish Fauna Garden, Botanical Gardens, an equestrian centre and a funfair.

Bydgoszcz - municipal borough

Local authority: Urząd Miasta Bydgoszczy
Address: ul. Jezuicka 1, 85-102 Bydgoszcz
tel. (+48 52) 5858913


Managing staff
Mayor: Konstanty Dombrowicz
tel. (+48 52) 5858358

Deputy Mayor in charge of city development: Lidia Wilniewczyc
ul. Jezuicka 1
85-102 Bydgoszcz
tel. (+48 52) 5858390

Deputy Mayor in charge of city operation: Bolesław Grygorewicz
ul. Jezuicka 1
85-102 Bydgoszcz
tel. (+48 52) 5858302

Deputy Mayor in charge of financial affairs: Przemysław M. Nowak
ul. Jezuicka 1
tel. (+48 52) 5858398

City Clerk: Jan Stranz
ul. Jezuicka 1
tel. (+48 52) 5858310

City Treasurer: Ambroży Pawlewski
ul. Jezuicka 6-14
tel. (+48 52) 5858393

City Council Chairman: Felicja Gwincińska
tel. (+48 52) 5858348, 5858342

Major departments
District Building Supervision Inspector for the city of Bydgoszcz:
ul. Grudziądzka 9-15
85-035 Bydgoszcz
tel. sekretariat: (+48 52) 3288605

District Building Supervision Inspector: Marek Jaworski
tel. (+48 52) 3288203

City Historical Monuments' Curator: Sławomir Marcysiak
ul. Jezuicka 2
85-102 Bydgoszcz
tel. (+48 52) 5858499
fax (+48 52) 5858820

Economic Development and Investment Department
Director: Małgorzata Szemiot-Połoczańska
ul. Grudziądzka 9-15
85-130 Bydgoszcz
tel. (+48 52) 3288151, 5858151
fax (+48 52) 3288238

City Budget and Finance Department
Director: Elżbieta Jeleńska
tel. (+48 52) 5858622, 5858624

Building Administration Department
Director, City Architect: Robert Łucka
tel. (+48 52) 5858863
fax (+48 52) 5858181

Property Management and Land Surveying Department
Director: Maria Drabowicz
tel. (+48 52) 5858413
fax (+48 52) 3288409

Public Services and Environment Protection Department
Director: Ryszard Łebek
tel. (+48 52) 5858394

Culture and Promotion Department
Director: Mariusz Krupa
tel. (+48 52) 5858189
fax (+48 52) 5858832

European Projects' Department
Director: Joanna Motylewska-Retkowska
tel. (+48 52) 5858712
fax (+48 52) 5858712

Investor's Service Section
Director: Sławomir Filipiak
tel. (+48 52) 5858879
fax (+48 52) 5858879

Investor's first-contact
Investor's Service Section
Director: Sławomir Filipiak
tel. (+48 52) 5858879
fax (+48 52) 5858879


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